Comparison Between Community Quilts And The Quilt

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Comparison of community quilts The quilt that was created to represent my community encompassed the people and things that are central to my life. As a recent transplant to Colorado, I have not developed a strong sense of community so I have become accustomed to my family supports that are located throughout United States. First I would like to explain some images and symbols in my quilt which will help with the comparison of the community quilt made for the Strive Smart Preparatory School. My quilt has the central figures of my daughter and I, whom I hold dearly and is the most important person in my life. The surrounding images are my love of travel, seeing parts of the world that I always dreamed about and my curiosity of other cultures. The image of a chameleon is a trait of my personality and the ability to adapt to different environments and challenges. The dragon slayer is an ultra-ego figure that I envision myself as being courageous; there are two figures in the image, which I see my daughter (Chelsea) as being with the aid of her mother. The two images of a hutch back and graphic of China devouring the world is my artwork, created to express opinions of environmental destruction, which is further convey by the Apple symbol at the top with the green leaves budding from the earth. Lastly is the symbol for my love of music. I grew up listening to a wide range of music from classic rock to rhythm and blues (R&B). I appreciate having listened to a good base of music

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