Comparison Between The Others and The Sixth Sense Essay

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Comparison Between The Others and The Sixth Sense

The blockbuster movies 'The Sixth Sense' and 'The Others' are two of the best examples of supernatural thrillers you will ever see. Both storylines are gripping and compelling and there are many unsuspected twists and turns along the way.

'The Sixth Sense' and 'The Others' have comparable storylines because they are both based on the idea of a parallel universe in which supernatural and human beings are closer than anyone realises. Both movies have an ability to keep you guessing throughout and unexpectedly surprising you.

'The Sixth Sense' is about a distinguished child psychologist, Dr Malcolm Crowe who is haunted by the painful memory of …show more content…

If they do not catch your attention and generate anticipation, it is likely that you will not enjoy the movie.

From the opening credits, with their white-on-black minimalism and the stealthy, suggestive music, it's clear that 'The Sixth Sense' is going to have you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. The black of the background symbolises darkness and the feeling of unawareness and the contrasting glowing white writing stands out against it. As the scrolling credits fade into the background followed by shadows; it sets an eerie atmosphere, which prepares you for the rest of the movie. The haunting music gets more intense as the credits roll on, which builds tension towards the opening scene, as it starts with complementary near silence to add impact.

The opening credits in 'The Others' also create a similar ghostly setting as in 'The Sixth Sense' although I feel that the credits in 'The Others' are more chilling and quite shocking. They start relatively harmless, however we are still tense and edgy because we know there is irony behind this and that the story will not turn out to be so innocent. This is proved as the credits roll on and the images become more disturbing and terrifying. The gentle voice over is also ironic because it leaves the audience wondering why such a kind voice, talking

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