Comparison : Character Analysis Of Tim Burton's Life

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Many people want to be different from others, but in reality, only some people stand out in the real world. Tim Burton was one of those people, he was not normal compared to his classmates and the children around him, which made him unique. Burton’s upbringing helped create his own style of directing. In his movies, by using characterization and visualization helps convey that the abnormal is preferable to the status quo.
Burton uses outcast protagonist to show that being different is better than being ordinary. In Big Fish, Edward Bloom walked down a road that everyone fears, and no one drives on anymore. While Edward walks down the road, he found a small town called Spectre. Usually in a society, people do not want to go to a place …show more content…

He never had many friends; he thought differently from the children around him. When he was a child he loved to draw and paint many of his work was inspired by his childhood. Many of his paintings had an interesting outtake on a certain topic; his paintings never looked like others' paintings, because his had a certain technique that helped his paintings be more noticeable. Tim Burton relates to the main characters in his movies because he was not ordinary in his childhood. Through the act of characterization, Burton shows how being unlike everyone can be a good thing.

Burton uses fantastical settings to show how an abnormal setting is better than a regular setting. In Corpse Bride, the underworld was brighter and more appealing compared to the regular world. In other movies, directors try to convey the underworld as a bad place by using low-key lighting and other cinematic techniques’. Instead of making the underworld look scary and dark, Burton created it to look happier and better. This description of the underworld shows how the underworld differs from the regular world in a good way. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka’s factory looked scary and gloomy from the outside, but then the inside was filled with many beautiful colors and had ponds filled with chocolate. This description is very misleading making people think that the inside of the factory is like the outside. In Alice in Wonderland, Alice finds her way into a

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