Symbolism in Tim Burton´s Films Essay

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In the words of Tim Burton, “One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.” This is the truth for the magical movies he has put together. Burton grew up different from others; he was an outcast from the people around him. Enjoying B movies, he would watch them a great deal. Out of all the characters, Burton preferred the monsters or strange creatures. Some inspirations to him are Edgar Allen Poe, Roald Dahl, and Vincent Price. He frowns upon conformity, for he prefers individuality. What is normal to Burton could be completely wild to another. In Tim Burton’s distinctive films, he uses symbolism and the comparison of individuality and conformity to emphasize the purity of an outsider. To start, symbolism was used in Edward …show more content…

A key part of the symbolism in the movie is changing colors. For instance, Ilosovic Stayne, the red queen’s partner, has an eye patch that goes back and forth from black and red. This shows how he was deceiving character that faked liking the red queen for his own benefit. Additionally, the mad hatter’s eye color changes with his mood. When he is calm, they are green, but when he gets angry, they turn red. To conclude, Tim Burton uses symbolism to give a deeper lesson and to clear up the state of a character. Moreover, Burton uses satire to emphasize Edward’s innocence; all characters represented a different flaw in society. For example, all of the housewives were nosy. One of them was particularly religious and judgmental. Burton portrays Joyce as a flirtatious liar. Kim’s boyfriend, on the other hand, was controlling and impulsive. In contrast, Edward had none of these faults. The town that they live in is made out to look perfect and neat, while Edward’s home is scary and intimidating. In reality, the castle is more of a humane place than the town. The real monsters are the “regular” people. To sum up, Burton gives a negative connotation towards society, verse praise towards uniqueness using satire. Similarly, Alice in Wonderland also uses satire throughout the movie. First and foremost, everyone who lives in the red queens castle, that’s not an animal, faked having large features. Some had big ears, a big nose, or a big belly. This showed that

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