Comparison Of Chimamanda 's Ted Talk On How Dangerous And Powerful A Single Story

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Chimamanda’s Ted Talk focused on how dangerous and powerful a single story is. By focusing on one viewpoint upon various subjects, other stories are ignored. She mentioned how her mother only told her about their house boy coming from a poor family so her viewpoint of that houseboy was based on poverty and nothing else. She was unable to see that he may have had skills, and that people in poverty stricken areas generally do have some form of skills, however little attention is given to them nor do they normally have resources that can help sharpen/put a spotlight on them. Politically this relates to historically repressed facts and mis-told/whitewashed history of various countries formation stories, and their people. Particularly following the legacy of colonization and racism/colorism, stereotypes have held power with negative repercussions for some and privileges for others across the world. Such as how mainstream society constantly paints Whites as heroes, God’s chosen people, innocence and the most intellectual race out of all humans. As being darker serves as their opposite and in a negative way, which helps to reinforce white supremacy narratives because white supremacy wouldn’t exist if a need for black to be negative wasn’t created. Blacks are painted as slaves, lazy, inferior, weak, and individuals with something inherently wrong psychologically. Today the media promotes such bias viewpoints of Blacks with the focus on/the phrase “black on black crime” in America,

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