Comparison Of If You Were Coming In The Fall By Emily Dickinson

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Suffering in the Worst Way Suffering is a heart wrenching experience that causes great grief to an individual. Suffering can be found in many scenarios. A lost love or an unbearable pain caused by death. Suffering is much more intense than just plain and simple pain. Nobody wants to go through suffering it is a pain like no other. Emily Dickinson, a wonderful poet, wrote many poems about love and death. One poem she wrote about love is “If You Were Coming in the Fall”. This poem is all about waiting for the person you love to show up but they never do. She also wrote a poem about death titled “I Felt a Funeral in My Brain” which is about slowly becoming ill in the brain. Both of her poems are about very different topics but they have the same theme of suffering. The speakers in both poems are going through some sort of suffering either because of someone else or by things they can not control. In “ If You Were Coming in the Fall” and “I Felt a Funeral in My Brain” written by Emily Dickinson, the author uses similes, repetition, and imagery to help convey the theme of suffering. Emily Dickinson uses similes in the story “If You Were Coming in the Fall” to help relay the theme of suffering. The speaker of the story explains to the reader how they would do all of these things to know when they will see the person they love. Dickinson uses a simile in the third stanza, “If certain, when this life was out…...I’d toss it yonder, like a rind,”(Dickinson 13-15) the speaker is

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