Comparison Of Jacques Cartier Vs. Samuel De Champlain

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Jacques Cartier VS Samuel De Champlain

Jacques Cartier was a determined,intelligent, and patient explorer of France who was born on December 1, 1491. Cartier was best known for being the first European to describe and map the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the shores of the Saint Lawrence River. He proudly named his rightful discoveries, “The country of Canada's.” Samuel De Champlain was a whole hearted, strong, intelligent, patriotic french navigator. Born August 13, 1574. Champlain founded New France and Quebec City on July 3, 1608, many referred to Champlain as, “The father of New France.” The pondering question that must be answered is; who is the better explorer, and more importantly who was the better leader? Leadership: To lead the way
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On the contrary, Cartier was determined and believe in himself that he could make it through this journey without dieing and hoping to find a new path too gold and spices. Although in the end Cartier did not find a new path too gold and spices, he sailed many new parts of north america like Gaspè in which he met an Iroquois chief and made many valuable trades with this chief. Cartier also raised a 9 foot cross in the honor of his king while he was in Gaspè. These two pieces of evidence prove that Cartier was a determined explorer. In the end of his magnificent years of sailing Cartier was a very determined explorer who knew he could get anything done.

Cartier was a intelligent leader which led him too successful journeys and explorations, he had to make many tough decisions like how many people should be on his crew, but lucky he was an intelligent person a made these decisions correctly. Cartier showed intelligence because on each voyage he went on he increasingly brought more crewmen. This proves that Cartier was intelligent, because by Cartier’s third voyage he managed to get a crew of 5 ships which was a total of approximately 120-130 men. Gathering this many crewmen who were pretty much risking their lives to be on this voyage, was a very hard task. When Cartier was gathering his crew, he was intelligent in trying to recruit people that he new would come on his voyage.

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