Comparison Of Lady Ashley And Lady Hemingway

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Lady Brett Ashley, wife of a wealthy aristocrat, Lord Ashley, is the chief female character who symbolizes the field nurse that Hemingway fell in love with during the war (Egri 112). Within The Sun Also Rises, the reader, at first, does not realize that Lady Ashley is married, but quite the opposite. The reader is led to believe that Lady Ashley is the type of woman that comes to the bar with one man and leaves with another. Fortunately for the reader, there is more to her character than what is depicted by Barnes. Depression and loneliness are significant aspects of her life that emerge whenever she is alone with Barnes. The reader is aware that Barnes and Lady Ashley have a connection that goes beyond the friendship that they both desire. The love they share allows her to show who she is to both Barnes and the reader. She has an uncontrollable need to feel wanted, and she uses the men she meets to fill this need. The reader can see Lady Ashley’s inner self when Hemingway introduces them to Pedro Romero, the young and undiluted matador (Egri 112). The two share fascinating similarities around how they achieve their goals. Lady Ashley appears to be like a bullfighter, in the way she smoothly manipulates men with her sexuality without ever losing the power that she wields. The same effortless manipulation of influence flows off of every action that Romero chooses to make while fighting. By including descriptive language and intentional comparison, Hemingway is showing the

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