Comparison Of Science Fiction In By The Water Of Babylon And Back To The Future

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Science fiction is a type of story that involve science in its plot. An example of a science fiction story is "By the Water of Babylon" and "Back to the Future" film. Science fiction can help scientists learn about science and technology because in science fiction stories the author must be creative and think outside of the box for impossible ideas. The authors are the creative thinkers, and what they think up the scientist can make the idea realistic. Authors are the creative thinkers and the scientist are creative doers. Many inventions that scientist made have been mentioned in the stories, but not only that scientist make prediction about the future and so does science fiction books. Science fiction make the readers think of the impossible …show more content…

In the story the main character, John, mention that is father gave in a piece of metal and that when he got the metal piece he didn't die, "He gave me the metal to hold—I took it and did not die" (Benét 1). It is a true fact that after an explosion metal pieces can become radioactive. The author pulled in the fact to explain that the human race was destroyed from a type of radioactive explosion. The fact about the explosion demonstrates that science can help science fiction, but science fiction also can help out science. The science fiction story allowed the reader to think that is how the human race is going to end, though this is just a theory, it is a realistic theory that scientist can't ruled it out. Another theory on how the human races will end was predicted by a scientist who "predicts humans will probably be extinct within 100 years, because of overpopulation, environmental destruction and climate change" (Edwards 1). Each prediction is possible but no one knows for

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