Comparison of Hinduism and Buddhism Essay

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Comparison of two Religions Religion has been a practice of many cultures from the beginning of time. Research two different religions, and determine what the origins of the religions are. Find out what is similar, and what is different about the two religions, that you choose. Analyze the two different religions and discuss.
Origin of Hinduism The origin of Hinduism is a mystery, because there is no founder for this religion. This religion developed over four thousand years ago. There is no author for this religions scared literature. This religion is believed to originate around 2000 B.C. on the continent of India. This religion is considered one of the longest surviving religions. The first people to practice this religious belief are …show more content…

Both religions believe in detachment leaving the outside world, and rethink past life to enter spiritual life (Fisher, 2014).
Contrast Hinduism and Buddhism Hinduism is a religion that was not founded by a person. Buddhism is actually founded by a person. The founder is Buddha. Hinduism follows the Vedas. These are Hindu scriptures, and Buddhism does not follow these scriptures. Buddhism does not believe that Hindu gods are as powerful as Buddha. They do not look up to them like they do Buddha. These two religions have different goals in life. Buddhism goal is to overcome sorrow. While Hindus believe that there are four main goals that they should live by: Kama, Dharma, Artha, and Moksha (Fisher, 2014).
Hinduism Religious Practices One religious practice the Hindus have is Cattle Veneration. This is a practice where cattle are honored and treated with love and resect. This is done to show respect to the cattle they are treated as a sacred animal. Because of this ritual cows are no longer killed or sacrificed. Even non-vegetarians do not eat beef they consume fish or goat. Fast food restaurants do not serve beef. Another religious practice that the Hindus have is for a select few that can achieve this type of enlightenment. Suddi is reserved for people who are able to achieve this level. This is usually passed from teacher to his highest ranking student. This usually requires specialized training.

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