Comparison of Uk and Malaysia Education

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1.0 Introduction Education is the responsibility of the federal government. The national education system encompasses education beginning from pre-school to university. According to the dictionary, “to educate” means “to bring up and train the mind and way of thinking” and “education” means “the act or process of educating”. So education is quite an important thing which can brighten people’s mind, enlarge their knowledge and lift their ability of some certain areas. The idea of curriculum is hardly new but the way we understand and theorize it has altered over the years and there remains considerable dispute as to meaning. In Latin curriculum was a racing chariot; currere was to run. The definition of curriculum offered by John Kerr…show more content…
Before this, traditional curriculum just only emphasized on getting the knowledge and basic skills which are reading, writing and numbering through apprenticeship system. This curriculum were being taught formally which more to concept “ helping teachers do the homework and working at paddy field and orchard, memorizing Al-Quran, learning Jawi so that students know how to pray ”. Follows are the chronology of development science curriculum in Malaysia school : 1969 : Union Science Curriculum ( Kurikulum Sains Paduan) for lower secondary school which based on the Union Science Scottish was implemented at 22 schools. 1972 : Modern Pure Science Curriculum ( biology, physic and chemistry ) for upper secondary school which based on Nuffield O-Level Curriculum was implemented. 1980 : Integrated Curriculum For Secondary School had been legislated. 1983 : Integrated Curriculum For Primary School was fully implemented. 1989 : Integrated Curriculum For Secondary School had been used by all secondary school. 1999 : Smart School had been introduced and PEKA had replaced the Paper 3 examination for Biology, Physic and Chemistry. 2003 : Science subject had been taught in English at the level of Standard 1, Form 1 and Form 6 ( Lower ). 2.2 In United Kingdom History has a distinctive contribution to make to the aims of the national curriculum. The
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