Comparsion of Murder in Lamb to the Slaugghter and Speckled Band

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In my opinion a typical murder mystery is one where it keeps you reading in anticipation wanting to know who has committed the well planed out murder, the whole way through. Until the end where the clever detective (who is usually quite an old man, dressed in a smart tweed suit) goes through one by one all of the suspects telling them exactly why they could have committed the murder, but then why they didn't. He then confronts the real murderer who is normally the one everyone least suspects. This all takes place in a large country manor where lots of people would have been busying round but for the murderer, conveniently there are never any witnesses to the crime. The murder is most often well planed out, with a devious reason …show more content…

Although there wasn't a lot of atmosphere after the opening part of the story, as there is just a woman telling her story about what had happened to her late sister. The atmosphere does build up towards the end where Holmes and Watson are sneaking around the crime scene 'There is a distinct element of danger.'
Through out the scene it carries on to be exciting and the pretence builds up as you keep waiting for the murderer to be caught and to see exactly how they preformed a what seems to be impossible murder. This is part of how the writer keeps their readers reading, not so much who murdered her but more how they did it.

Where in Lamb to the Slaughter the end is more like a comedy scene, which is designed to make you laugh as you watch the police men eat the leg of lamb that she committed the murder with and then hear her laugh 'Mary Maloney began to giggle.' Also the murder weapon is meant to funny, as she doesn't kill her husband with a conventional murder weapon with is cunningly thought through, but instead a leg of lamb.
Neither does the murder as it is just a spur of the moment thing 'She simply walked up behind him and without pause she swung the big frozen leg of lamb high in the air, and brought it down as hard as she could.

This doesn't make the story seam very, sinister or cunning compared to the Speckled Band. Which is planned out to the last tee, this affects

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