Compensation Argumentative Analysis

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Compensation for anything that was broken or default has always been an answer to consumers to get what they wanted. However, that is a different case when a life is involved. Most would assume that a large amount of money is given to the spouse and children to hold a steady life. There are even more steps in receiving compensation for a loved one. In recent news, lives have been lost from November 12th to 13th. Now, an important factor is placed if it is applied to the incidents. How will they be compensated, how will the amount be deducted for the lives that were lost in those twenty-four hours. One’s wealth and position should not determine the value placed on their lives because all humans are valued equally. Most people wonder, “How am I valued? What will I be compensated for my lost loved one?”. The process is based on a formula that had been created which “Lifetime earnings have been boosted by a …show more content…

One of those cons is the deductions to the compensations. There are deductions that can make the amount lower than it already was. Amanda Ripley explains that it “Deduct life insurance, pension, social security death benefits, and workers compensation” (2). It shows that, if an individual is working at a low-income, their loved ones will receive a deducted compensation for their death. There is another matter that is included. On LifeHappen’s value calculator, it states that “For the purpose of this calculator, a human life only has economic value in its relation to other lives, specifically a spouse or dependent children. Therefore, if you have neither, the calculator will not generate a result.” (LifeHappens,1). In the results, it will not give compensation to your parents if you have neither spouse nor children. So instead of trying to ameliorate the situation, it backfired and will lead to no value at all. In the end, it gives a very negative result to how it is reimbursed to the individual’s

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