Roger Ebert The Essential Man Analysis

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Is it morally correct to put a price tag on a life? Your initial thought was probably no, lives should not be categorized into a monetary value, but take a moment to dive deeper into all of the research on this topic, it soon becomes apparent that it is necessary to apply a price figure for each of our lives as some people are essentially worth more than others. Since the beginning of time, people have been debating this topic, taking longer than normal, after all, it is a sensitive subject. Due to the sensitivity of this matter, it has taken us a plethora of years to find a balance between what is morally correct to give someone for their late loved one and what will not put the government into a deeper debt. After the tragic event of 9/11, that …show more content…

Roger Ebert is a prime example of this idea, being an alcoholic before his life was suddenly inverted once he discovered that he was diagnosed with cancer. Ebert was a model movie critic, encouraging an increase and an improvement in films during his time. Chris Jones, author of Roger Ebert: The Essential Man, describes how Ebert was impacted after his surgeries, “[...] he was left without much of his mandible, his chin hanging loosely like a drawn curtain, and behind his chin there was a hole the size of a plum [...] he could no longer eat or drink, and he had lost his voice entirely” (Jones, 12). Despite Ebert’s inability to eat, drink, or speak on his own, he still found a way to express how he felt through his blog. This story is humbling as it makes you think about how you would feel if you were in his shoes; thinking about the monetary costs he must have gone through to endure all of the surgeries and hospital bills, let alone the emotional toll it took. Even without noticing, it is easy to begin to put a price tag on someone’s life, whether live or dead, it is proven that we begin to accredit a fiscal to a

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