Competative Advantages and Disadvantages of Subway Essay

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Competitive Advantages and Disadvantages

Subway prides themselves on their sandwiches -- custom-made on freshly baked breads, Subway sandwich shops provide fresh, great-tasting 'made to order' subs, salads and wraps, with extraordinary customer service and value. Millions of customers think of Subway shops sandwich options (including '8 under 6' grams of fat) along with spokesman Jared Fogle -- as their preferred fast food choice for intelligent eating habits. The Subway chain has maintained a international name for offering fresh, tasty, healthier alternatives to conventional greasy foods."
Subway surpassed McDonalds which is the world leading hamburger chain, in terms of having the most stores around the globe. Nine
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The manual lays out the way fresh foods are displayed where they can be seen so that employees do not have the fuss of frying things which is expensive and messy. The second selling point is a small amount of people know is how much assistance current Subway franchise owners offer the new franchise owners. They give their new franchise applicants an ample amount of attention and care from the franchise application stage right on through to when the franchise opens and the excited new owner of that franchise starts to make that Subway operations manual come to life. The third selling point is the efficiency of running a Subway franchise. Ask yourself how many dirty Subways have you been in? There is always a clean and friendly environment. The Subway operations manual set forth the standards on how to attain that type of ambiance that customers come there for (Fran, 2011). The launch of the $5 footlong deal across the U.S. was projected to be an answer to the $1 value menus of industry standard-bearers such as McDonald’s and Wendy’s and a new course for the brand in the wake of its advertising success with Jared Fogle. Subway could never have thought that the $5 footlong deal would turn the restaurant industry upside down. Nor could Subway have known that it would help to redefine a term that was no longer just a word atop a menuboard, but a deal-breaking catchphrase of the tough

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