Competition Of A Multi Million Dollar Company Essay

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Capsim Competition
Owning a business can be daunting, but when you are now in charge of a multi-million-dollar company, it’s terrifying! The Capsim competition was a way to learn from the decisions made to the company by working and coordinating four areas of the company: research and development, marketing, production, and finance. All of this in a simulated environment. The company that I now manage, manufactures and sells electronic sensors that are used in all types of industries. Research and Development (R&D) is where the products are invented and revised, marketing sets the price of the product and forecasts sales, production schedules manufacturing and manages the size of automation, and finance ensures the company has the funding available to grow (Capsim Management Simulations, 2016). Each week was a new year to make decisions and evaluate where the company resources were being spent and how the financial position could be improved. After five rounds, the introduction of new sensor production and the revision of previous sensors, the company turned out to make a great deal of profit and good returns on sales. Not only was there a collaborative effort on the team, but it was a great learning experience in working in a virtual team, where communication is key to the success of any company.
Round Analysis
Prior to the start of the Capsim competition, there was an opportunity to play with practice rounds, which were somewhat helpful. In doing so, there were

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