Competitive Strategic Approaches used by Starbuck Essay

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Starbucks Case
Each company has what sets it apart from other companies in the same industry. This ideology excludes not Starbuck. Starbuck has a history and right from its inception, the founders wanted something that would offer fine coffee to the society that settled in Seattle. This has all along been the case. To accentuate this phenomenon, there was a time Howard Schultz had to travel to Italy to explore more of the Italian coffee tastes offered in Italy coffee bars and come back to customize the same in America. Unfortunately, upon his return he resigned from Starbuck and formed his own company. However, a few years after he formed his company, Starbuck went on sale and this led Howard Schultz and other investors to mobilize
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Starbucks believes that its clients’ needs, or rather preferences, are diverse and if it has to make a difference from the standard products their competitors are offering, then it has to diverse the products and the services offered. In ensuring that this is happening, Starbucks offer diverse products and ensures too that the methods it uses to distribute these different products is also diverse. Note it has successively served airlines, hotels learning institutions, select retailers and many more diverse customers. Much focus is given on how every customer is served as this keeps them coming back. This is something Howard Schultz himself had to get down into it and thus he taught his employees on how to be friendly to the customers. The employees’ friendliness established an emotional attachment with the clients; something that was achieved through employee trainings.
Differentiation demands that every product be great and unique on its own way. In making this strategy work best for the company, Starbucks commits itself into training all its stakeholders so that the product’s quality is improved indefinitely. At Starbuck you do not just take coffee but also the value of what you buy is improved by other auxiliary services they offer like accessing Wi-Fi and paid sites.

Starbucks’ social Responsibility
Like other responsible companies, Starbucks also takes part in social responsibility activities.
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