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I think Silverstein’s main point in his article was to address the relationship between feminism and Multiculturalism and how feminism can be given a bad reputation and is harder to find support for.
To begin with I noticed that it connects well today what I would experience and see with a lot of our youth today in regards to feminism. A lot of women that say they are against feminism are not fully aware on what the term means. They feel that they don’t want men to start not acting like gentleman and being manly. This in fact has nothing to do with feminism. Neither does “man-hating, bra-burning, [or] unattractive women.” I also find it interesting that the feminism and gay movement was on the rise in 1970s and 80s when social justice was hot but that it was pushed to the side at the end of the century.
Secondly I observed how The Multicultural guidelines have little reference to feminism or gender. How there is still a much bigger gap in gender than in race …show more content…

How human behavior is a cultural theory and how it scrutinizes the relationship between personal identity and social locations. I also found it interesting how professors would add multicultural references to their syllabi but never actually teach or assign these in fear of bad student evaluations.
This reading relates to multicultural education in that it tries to relate the idea of feminism to multiculturalism. It compares the two in how they are received and supported. At one part it discusses how the issue of gender inequality is worse off than the issue race inequality because it is harder to discuss.
I did like the reading because it brought some very important issues to light and brought up some very interesting and thought provoking ideas. I especially enjoyed when the author talked about how people did not support feminism because they did not actually know what it was all about and if they did they would support

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