Composting, It 's Gross

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Composting, it’s gross, it’s stinky, and it can be downright atrocious, right? Wrong! Well, partly. Composting can be gross sometimes with food and other weird things decaying, but the advantages outweigh the risks don’t they? Good soils that can help gardens, trees, and plants are worth having a little stink. Many people think composting is hard, though it can be easier with the right equipment, the right c:n ratio, and the right boosts that will help kick-start your pile. Compost bins have many different “flavors” or types. Some include tumblers (or revolving drums), orbs, and cylinders. Tumblers and orbs are types of compost bins that helps turn your compost easier. Revolving drums are normally on rollers or can be hand cranked. They are made to spin easier, and are regularly enclosed. They also can be vertical to turn over, or horizontal to be rolled like a barrel. Orbs are bins that are octanal shaped or round. Orbs are very similar to revolving drums, but are rolled on the ground to mix the compost. Some even have numbers that can help you remember when you last turned it.6 Cylinders are simple designs that are useful, and can be easy to move. Cylinders can be open or closed. Open cylinders have no top or bottom, but has something of a “wall” around it. These can be easily moved and mixed. Closed cylinders are commonly made of a thick plastic, and contradicting the open cylinder has a top and bottom. They have ventilation and near the bottom there is a door to take

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