Essay On Gardening

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Gardening is a beneficial aspect of anyone’s day to day life. It’s something that is enjoyable for the elderly, young children, single people, and married couples. Gardening is also a way to bring the family together. Whether the garden is for aesthetic or utilitarian purposes, the hard work put into the garden is worthwhile. Gardens can provide financial relief, a healthier diet, and a healthier lifestyle. Gardening could also be a great life lesson that is carried and passed on through generations. Gardening is a great learning experience, no matter the age. It gives small children that “wow” factor by getting to watch a plant grow from a small seed to a living, green, natural thing. Gardening can help with the effort of a healthier …show more content…

In order to save money and have control over one’s own food, it would be in one’s best interest to start a garden. Not only is the gardener in control of their garden but they also are in control of their diet. With the produce that was made with hard work so it’s used in order to not go to waste, whether that’s from eating it or sharing it with others.
By starting a garden, the gardener knows what has been done to the produce, such as if bug spray has been used, and if so what kind. This benefits the people that are concerned that their food being genetically modified or organic. There’s many options pertaining to the personalization of a garden, what fertilizer is used or using a compost, or what sort of decorations to use or to only use the beauty of the natural garden are decisions that are up to the gardener. In the end, the garden is entirely unique to the gardener and they can do whatever they want with it. The gardener can even combine their flower garden with their vegetable garden to offer an astonishing contrast in colors and authenticity.
Deciding what to use, in the best interest in making a functional garden, is also a decision that is up to the gardener. Composting is a

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