Compromises between the North and the South Essay

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Throughout the 1800’s many compromises were created with the intent of pulling two nations together to from a more perfect government. The North and the South have different views that created many conflicts between the two parties. Congress continued to address controversial matters with compromises that only benefitted one side or the other and not both. These compromises affected the North and the South; however they started to drastically worsen because both sides had economic, social, and political differences.
The North had an industrial economy, and the South concentrated on a farming economy. This created many issues over what tariffs should be placed on. The South wanted tariffs to be placed on farming goods such as cotton, …show more content…

(Document E) Brooks was a senator from South Carolina and he offended by Sumner’s speech because Sumner insulted Brooks. The New York Tribune published an article based on attacking the northern workforce and comparing them to the gentlemen of the South. (Document F) When Northerners disrespect a Southerner, the southerner does not take it so kindly. Henry Clay stated in his speech to the Senate that South Carolina should not secede from the Union because it is impractical for them to nullify the laws. (Document A) Lincoln argues that slavery can stir up conflicts in things much greater than politics like in religion, morals, etc. (Document G) The Republican Party’s candidate, Lincoln, won most of the free states’ votes with a total of 180 electoral votes. (Document H)
The North was going through a period called the Antebellum period where there was industrial changes. The North consisted of industries while the South’s main purpose was farming. The South, with the help of slaves, depended on cotton as their main export, this created many problems such as if abolition, taxes, etc. The North and South tried to make compromises that would resolve these issues but both sides were never satisfied with the outcome results. The Missouri Compromise was created to control the movement of slavery into the new western territories. The Compromise of 1850 discloses that the resolution should be to admit California as a free state, while Utah and New Mexico

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