Computer And Smartphone Addiction ( S ) Are Becoming More And More Prevalent Every Year

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Computer and smartphone addiction(s) are becoming more and more prevalent every year. From a 1 year old children to grown adult men and women. At first glance, these electronics look harmless. But, if used in excess, someone can easily become addicted and not even know it. Smartphones have social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter; that 's only naming a few. Many people around the world habitually use and check on these apps, on an hourly to an everyday basis. Continuously checking these apps will ultimately lead to addiction if not recognized and controlled. Computers have the same effect along with help from the internet; video games, Netflix, Youtube, can all entertain someone for a few hours. That time can easily be doubled, tripled and/or quadrupled, because of how entertained or bored someone can be. Society needs to start realizing how much time they are spending on their smartphones and computers. There has to be some sort of equilibrium to establish, in order to not cause addiction or obsessive behavior. Smartphones and computers are going to keep growing and expanding for decades. Technology impacts most of us in our life; we are surrounded and engulfed by it. Our lives have been made easier and a little more fun by the help of technology. For example, computers and smartphones. But, these technologies could actually be quite harmful. Can people really become addicted to these technologies? Cooke 2 Over the last decade, computers and phones

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