Computer Networks And The Network

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A computer network is any computer or group of computers that are linked to another computer or systems of computers so they can communicate. There are several careers that involve knowledge of computer networking. Each of these positions require a particular set of skills. While the positions may sound the same, they are not. For example, the network engineer manages and designs computer networks, upgrading them and tests their security while the network administrator keeps the network running. The network analyst is responsible for supporting the overall infrastructure of the computer network, writing software and other programs that are needed. The information systems administrator is responsible for designing, delivering, and maintaining the infrastructure that makes up the network, usually in an organization. The network technician is the one who sets up the network, troubleshoots problems and services the network to keep it running. The network information systems manager is responsible for the technicians, administrators, analysists and engineers while also planning for the network into the future (Computer Networking Majors Guide). The career that I would choose, at least for now, would be a network technician because I like to build things and enjoy the hardware side of computing. There are several skill sets that I need to perform this job. One of the required duties is to set up the network hardware that the business needs. This includes setting up the security

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