Concealed Handguns in College Campuses

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Concealed Handgun Should college students be allowed to carry a concealed licensed handgun? Should students be permitted individual security on college campus? In 1791, our founding fathers established in the U.S Constitution the right that everybody has “the right to bear arms”. The right to bear arms in the Second Amendment gives individuals the right to own guns and indicates that the government cannot restrict this right. Colleges do not allow individuals to carry these weapons on campus because most think it is too dangerous and can cause individuals to be in danger including the law enforcement, staff and other college students. Despite this right, weapons on college campuses lead to dangerous situations, violence, and even death.
Point #1: More guns will lead to increased violence: Public and private colleges should prevent their students from carrying concealed handguns into campus because violence has increased more than ever in U.S history. According to an article on a student who carried a concealed handgun on campus, authors Ian Shapira and Tom Jackman spoke to increased violence which can be seen in the Virginia Tech Shooting where “Thirty-three people were killed Monday, April 17, 2007 on the campus of Virginia Tech in what appears to be the deadliest shooting rampage in American history, according to federal law enforcement officials. Many of the victims were students shot in a dorm and a classroom building.” When students have access to weapons,

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