Concept of Terrorism

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Are You Countering Terrorism? Introduction To The Series…………. Protecting the public remains the highest priority of the Police Service but the growth of international terrorism over recent years has resulted in the publics’ protection being severely threatened. No community is immune from the global reach of international terrorism and the UK is a prime target for Al-Qaida and its affiliates. It is therefore necessary that police colleagues have an awareness of counter terrorism issues. The way in which we police terrorism is developing in response to the enduring threat. This area of policing is no longer the sole responsibility of specialist departments, we all have a part to…show more content…
Terrorism can be classified into six broad categories which includes Political, Religious, Ideological, Nationalist, State-sponsored and Single-issue. We will address each of these categories as follows; Political & Religious terrorism perceives to act upon orders of a higher or divine authority. They are often the most violent and robust of terrorism organisations as they believe their actions are sanctioned by this higher authority. They believe that their actions are morally justified and that they will be vindicated of any wrong doing when carrying out orders in pursuit of their objectives. Ideological terrorism and extremism seeks to change the entire social, economic and political systems of a country. They are violent individuals and groups who can come from either the extreme left-wing or extreme right-wing of the political spectrum. Ideological terrorism objectives are set very high and attempt to achieve a great deal. In order to achieve these objectives it often requires a full social revolution to take place and the term ‘social-revolutionary’ is often used to describe this grouping. Nationalist terrorism groups claim to be the authentic voice of a national culture. Through acts of violence they attempt to restore their lands back to one single larger country or seek complete independence from it creating a new separate state. Well known nationalist terrorist organisations include the Irish Republican Army
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