Concert Industry Rethink Security :Concert Industry Rethinks Security?

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The type of news paper I used was the U.S. News. The article that I am using from this newspaper is called “Concert Industry Rethinks Security”. The situation that is going on in this article is that there is not good security when it comes to having concerts. A couple of months ago Arianna Grande was on tour and had a concert in Manchester, England, and a bomber came in strapped up and bombed her concert. This is something very terrifying to think you are going to a concert to have fun and instead you end up getting killed or badly injured. What this article is suggesting is that they need to think about other ways to make security more tight so that nothing like that could happen again. Some concerts and festivals in some places already …show more content…

With the power of atom he has the ability to give control over atomic power, which means he can deliver concussive nuclear force, create or dampen radiation, and generate energy beyond all known limits. Now with teleportation he is able to instantly transport from one location to another in 2.5 seconds.He has earth powers which are abilities that give him access to the elemental powers of the earth itself, he would be as strong and indestructible as a rock. With the computer inside his brain he would be able to see all officers that were licensed a weapon. Last, but not least he has laser eyes and what he is able to do with those is he can see right through people's clothes and see if they are hiding some kind of weapon. With all these powers he would be able to detect if there would were to be a bomber or a person going into a concert with an unauthorized weapon. This superhero would be the world's greatest because not only could he protect people while they are at concerts or festivals, but he can just help out in a battlefield or wherever else he is needed. The true name of “Fusion Boulder” is Dr. Omar Malek. He is a Muslim man and since he was young he could remember people making comments about his culture and faith. He knew when people saw his ethnic features that they didn't always think the kindest things. Watching the news day by day he saw how the media presented and his people and it angered him because his faith was one of peace. Islam would never tolerate

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