Concert Performance : The Joys Of A Concert Experience

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A concert experience can vary based on the genre, venue and performers in different settings. Today, individuals have the access to purchase and stream songs or albums instantaneously. This advantage to a library of music is overshadowed and causes most music listeners to avoid going to a concert. Whether it be the location of the concert, traveling, paying fees and adding up to the costly expense of concerts that are not free, most of us are missing out on the entire experience. We would all benefit from the joys of watching a performance that is live, therefore each concertgoer can gain an enriching and impactful musical experience.
Musical Performance
The concert I attended was titled the “Hope Is On The Way” Concert, performed by the Valley Community Church in Avon. The entire musical group/worship team performed on November 26th. The group performed five songs, ranging from 3 to 10 minutes long. The musical style is passionate and lively to convey the messages sung in order to praise God, religious themes are incorporated with the song, however, the instrumentals played are found in most popular songs. The instruments also convey emotion and ethereal and heavenly elements to encapsulate the mood of the sanctuary (people of the church) and embrace the audience in singing to praise God. The group is also known as the contemporary worship team that consisted of drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, vocals, piano/keys and a violinist. Joyful (The One Who

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