Summary: Corp Cadets Academy

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This year I got to participate in a youth outing with the youth at my church. Corp Cadets Academy, is a young people’s trip with The Salvation Army for the weekend. On October23-25,2015where the whole division of Florida gets together. It is a time where youth are able to be themselves, have fun, get away from home and worship the Lord and are able have a time alone with God surrounded by people who are trying to do the same thing. At the event, I got to see different types of talents on each day and see how the youth would praise dance in different songs and, put on plays and skits for us. First of all, the first performance was witnessing the praise and worship team lead us into the presence of God. The team consist of nine people. There were three singers, a drummer boy, two cornet players, one trombone player, and two bass guitarist. The service was held in a separate building with about 850 people (young and adults). The atmosphere was very spirit filled and ready to worship. The songs ranged from fun and dance like to very slow, deep words and lifting hands up high. The part I liked most was when the youth would sing out the songs and get in the mood rather than just sit and watch the performance .it was very refreshing seeing the youth just have fun with the band and that they didn’t care how people would react to …show more content…

I first thought the concert would include full band, background singers, different lightings and costume changes. My thought was quickly changed when I saw that there was one drummer and the artist with his two guitars. It was very different from the other concerts that I’ve been to. He was really laid back and speaking about his life openly to us. He shared with us about his life as an artist, a husband, father and a follower of Jesus. The concert was very energetic, with a lot of dancing, shouting and sing along. The songs he sung were from his old and upcoming

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