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Concert Setting
Performance Style
As compared to a traditional setting, there are large groups of djembe players with accompanying parts with a ballet troupe in a concert setting. (Polak., (2000). In a concert setting, they will perform many dances in rapid succession at high energy levels. There are also modern urban electric groups (called orchestras) which largely involved guitar playing. (Price, 2013). Moreover, most recently, another genre has out-grown the ballet-style djembe playing, these new ensembles have further remove traditional djembe drumming by disposing of dancers. (Charry., 1996) To date, the djembe plays an important role in the highly percussive rhythmic section in concerts and performances. (Conakry
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With the help of hand clapping, one is able to notate it perfectly with eighth notes and sixteenth notes. (Charry, 2000) Moreover, there is a relation between African drumming and physical movement such as dancing. With the help of adding choreography to African drumming, there is a flow and ebb to the performance which corresponds to the frenetic dancing at intense tempos and slower breaks allow the guests to participate the performance. (Charry., 1996). For instance, in our UWA percussion ensemble, adding body percussion to the performance can help us remember the beats and brighten up the performance.
Alternatively, there were limitations in the transmission of music in the concert setting. For instance, rhythms of the ballet were modified or even changed drastically for the presentation for the performance. This resulted in a change of tempo or the djembe accompaniments. Thus, this leads to a loss of authenticity and depth, as compared to a traditional djembe performance.
Moreover, African rhythmic concepts were difficult to explain. Thus, in order to teach the foreign students effectively, teachers began to simplify the rhythms and it became fixed. Similarly, to the UWA percussion ensemble, our conductor help simplified our piece as certain rhythms were hard to follow. In addition, the notes and rhythms were repetitive and fixed hence making it easier for us to remember and

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