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Matthew Milko
Mr. Allen
B period
March 21, 2017
Concussions in Contact Sports In every sports season 5 to 20 percent of kids suffer a concussion(Jeremy Olson 1SH). A concussion is a type of brain injury that mostly occurs when playing in contact sports. Most people do not think concussions are a big deal but they are. In fact concussions can lead to suicide because they cause your brain to not function correctly, especially when having more than one. Not only can they lead to suicide but they also have many long term effects on the brain. I am sure on television, many viewers have seen big collisions where somebody gets a hard hit to the head. It is most likely that person suffered a concussion. Since concussions occur naturally in …show more content…

Who knows how many concussions, these young players could have had because according to Tom Foster NFL players can get around 1,500 hits to their head each season. There is no reasoning that says concussions can not cause suicide. Not only can concussions lead to suicide but, they also have many long term effects. Some of these long term effects can be depression, dementia, and alzheimer 's disease. As a matter of fact “one in five [football players] who said they had suffered at least three concussions has been treated for clinical depression”(Vance). Also depression from concussions can sometimes cause players to have suicidal thoughts. As an example Andre Waters, former NFL player committed suicide from depression at 44 years old(Weir 8). As Dr. Redelmeier does another study he takes “1044 retired players from the American National Football League (NFL) which found a nine-fold increase in subsequent depression for those with multiple concussions”(10). This means that professional football players have nine times the chance of suffering depression than someone who does not play football. Correspondingly in an important article by USA Today the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill did a very significant study. The university has “found that ex-National Football League players

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