Concussions In American Football

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Youth athletes experiencing concussions is a very serious matter. When an adolescent first experiences a concussion, they may seem dazed and confused. The adolescent may show signs of dizziness and have trouble recalling basic information. If after a blow to the head an athlete displays these signs, they should stop playing immediately and be taken out of the competition (Khabie 1). But just how prevalent in youth football are concussions? Some claim that most players experience head trauma that will leave a lasting negative effect on the athlete’s brain. Others believe that concussions in youth football are very rare and most of the time have no long term effects on the athlete. Many would say that even if there is risk of injury, football provides many positive opportunities that kids should not pass up on due to fear. The sport of American Football provides challenges, comradery, essential skills, and fun that outweighs potential injury risk for youth who participate in the sport and should be offered to those who choose to play the sport at a young age. Challenges that football provides for young people help them grow both intellectually and emotionally. The saying,”what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” is certainly applicable to the sport of football. Many times during a practice of rigorous conditioning, players feel as if they cannot make it through the rest of practice. Players are not sure how they make it through the practices because they are so physically
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