Confederation And Constitution Vs. Constitution Essay

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Confederation and Constitution
The English Parliament in the 1760s decided to increase taxes to the American colonies, which was established by the colonies as unjust due to taxation without proper representation in the parliament. As a result, the 13th colonies decided to create their own government and in 1777, Congress drafted the Articles of Confederation. This was America’s first written constitution. After the Revolutionary War, the Federal government under the Articles did not have enough strength and power to deal with economic depression, military challenges, and political issues. As a result, the America’s Founding Fathers gathered in Philadelphia in 1787, to approve the first Constitution of United States of America. Even though the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution did have few similarities, they differed in many ways. Also, in ratifying the new Constitution, the Congress had to settle many compromises between states and political parties.
The Articles of Confederation
The Articles were intended to create a strong connection between the sovereign states, rather than give power to a central government. This was due to the fact that the colonies did not want to create a government similar to the British, which they worked so hard to escape. However, the lack of power created problems, since the government did not have enough authority over the states to follow the negotiated treaties (Cornell, Keene, & O’Donnell, 2013).
After the American Revolution,

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