Conflict Between Arabs And Arabs

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For such a young and geographically small country, Israel boasts one of the most complicated geopolitical situations in the world today. Situated in Western Asia on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, it shares borders with Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, the Palestinian territories, which include the West Bank and Gaza, Egypt, and the Red Sea. The Jewish state was created at the conclusion of World War II by the United Nations when the British Mandate expired and the State of Israel was officially established on May 14, 1948, but it lacked clear borders in an area where tensions between Arabs and Jews had already been in existence for thousands of years. Even though Israel is "The Jewish State", demographics for 2014 show the population to be 75% Jewish and 24% Arab. This Arab population, mostly Palestinian, occupies what is known as the West Bank, which is controlled by the Palestinian Authority, but the Israeli Occupation and Military officially controls it and the Gaza Strip. The two groups struggle over how to divide the land, who should be allowed to live there, and who should be in control has led to the longest military occupation in history and one of the world 's largest geopolitical conflicts.
The Jewish people, the inhabitants of Israel, trace their heritage back to Abraham, who, along with his son and grandson, lived in present-day Israel in the Land of Canaan establishing it as a holy land for the Jewish people. These religious ties to the land fuel

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