Conflict Management

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Conflict Management Conflict Management Yamil Little Strayer University BUS520 Dr. Anthony Hughes 02/27/11 Conflict Management Introduction In today’s ever-changing business environment organizations encounter varying levels of intrapersonal, interpersonal, intragroup, and intergroup conflicts. Intrapersonal conflict is a battle within oneself, which usually involves a life goal and/or change. Interpersonal conflict is when two or more people have opposing perspectives to a given situation. Intragroup conflict is when disagreements occur amongst some or all members of a group and ultimately affects productivity. Intergroup conflict is when disagreements occur between different teams or groups. The…show more content…
Occurring Conflicts Mike Hammer, CEO of General Hospital, realized that there were many problems within the hospital. Without progressive action the hospital would soon face survivability issues and possibly lose its accreditation to practice medicine. Mike Hammer’s biggest challenge at General Hospital was to cut costs while increasing revenues so that promising current services added in areas that will allow General Hospital to compete with the medical center. In Hammer’s experience physician costs were a major factor in the inability of hospitals being able to regulate costs. He believed that physicians didn’t understand that their costs were directly connected to the viability of the hospital in which they worked. General Hospital’s failure to achieve effective cost control methods led Hammer to believe that physician-controlled costs had to be addressed, one physician at a time. The hiring of Marge Harding as the hospital’s chief operating officer and giving her unilateral authority to place contacts and fire employees enabled Mike Hammer to test his cost control theory. At General Hospital Dr. James Boyer, whose salary is roughly $100,000 a year, interpreted all EKG readings. Harding realizing that computerized EKG interpretations are the norm systematically signed a one-year contract on behalf of General Hospital with Health
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