Conflict Quotes In Frankenstein

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Frankenstein |Mary Shelley |Analysis Rough Draft

Part of your identity has become snagged by perceived insults and threats to the way you see yourself, causing inner conflict or escalating existing problems. Knowing this, we can conclude that Victor’s battle of his own insecurities led to a series of even bigger problems. To make this claim, the reader needs to know about the Victor’s character, but more so how terrifying he can be. The reader does not yet know the capacity of Victor’s love for Elizabeth. In turn, the reader does not how much regret festers inside of Victor. He suffers his own internal despise for his own monstrous creation. My topic of my essay is the numerous amounts of about conflict Victor had faced. The four topics I will be addressing are Person
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Self .Emotional changes, After Victor meets Elizabeth him calm down. {Elizabeth belongs to me while I protect her, love her cherish her.}He fell in love with Elizabeth though he was her brother. Self- blame after the monster killed William, Justin,his best friend and last Elizabeth. In the book I find a quote “I feel like I'm alive just to show others what i'm about to become. Because he wanted people's respect, so created a monster. Let him regret endless.Victor Escape the reality , He did not dare to face what was happening because all things had become a tragedy for him, and he did not want to face it all.My paragraph connects to the Pv. Society.more is about the monster.
My fourth paragraph is about Person Vs. Society. The monster is a abandoned, Because when the monster being made victor scary the monster. in the book”I really can't stand the life that I made myself. this is the monster told victor, I think the monster is very pitiful , because it is not his fault,he should not in the world. People see the monster react,actually I think the monster is not bad before , Because this society discriminates against him and wants to eradicate him.He has been
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