Conflicts Faced by Females

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The Conflict Perspective is a view of Stratification by Gender with multiple points. Gender Role is a look at how men and women are evolving. How women in the work force are changing society. How abortion is causing conflict in our lives. The class of a woman in a hardship they have to overcome in society also. Women have had many hardships and an upward climb to evolve to be where they are today, but still have many steps to climb before being thought to be equal to men.
A good example of Gender Role is Mulan when she had to disguise herself before joining the Chinese Army because a female in the army would have been a total disgrace, they would have lost face. She went to take her father’s place, because he had been injured in the previous war and had permanent damage to his leg, but the misconceptions about females going to war would not allow her to go as herself (Souci, 1998). A persons limitations as to what they can do should be based on the individual not a person’s gender. In this movie, Mulan proved just that. Men and women are reversing roles more and more. Fewer women are staying at home and more men are choosing to stay with the children or just at home.
Women in the work force continue to increase percentage wise at a greater rate than men do. Therefore, it would be safe to say more and more women are leaving the stay at home and stepping out to the paid job force of society. Women who are doing this find their opportunities are not as good as

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