Conflicts In Tim O 'Brien's Interlopers'

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In the two stories interlopers and the trapper trapped they both were in common on how two people had conflicts with each other. They both learned a lesson. For example in the Interlopers at the end of the story they both encountered a pack of wolves and got killed. And in the trapper trapped Goat got killed by the Leopard because he was lying. In the story the interlopers there is a man called Ulrich Von Gradwitz he patrolled the Dark forest in quest of a Human Enemy. And during this story there is another young man called George Znaeym. These two people had hatred for each other. They had a Quarrel for Three Generations. A deed of Nature’s own violence overwhelmed them both. A fierce shriek of the storm had been answered by a splitting crash over their heads, and they could leap aside, a mass of falling beech tree that had thundered down on them. An idea that gained strength every time that he looked across at the man who was fighting so grimly against pain and exhaustion. In the pain and languor that Ulrich himself was feeling. The old fierce hatred seemed to be dying down. “I never thought to have wanted to do other than hate you all my life, but I think I have changed my mind about things too, this last half-hour. And you offered me your wine flask... Ulrich Von Gradwitz, I will be your friend”. Let’s call for help in his …show more content…

These too have been In Quarrels.Goat intended to get fox in trouble so bad that he would never be able to get out. Goat went for a walk and saw Leopard. Being frightened, goat asked “Auntie what are you doing here”. “My little one is sick “said Leopard. Fox has Medicine that will make your little one well. Fox said I have Medicine to cure your little one but I must have a goat horn to put it in. “wait here with my little one and I will bring you the horn said leopard”. Away she ran. Soon after, Leopard killed goat and returned with his horns to

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