Story Of An Hour And The Interlopers Essay

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The Story of an Hour vs. The Interlopers “ ...For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.” (James 4:14) Words of truth from the book of truth. We have no idea how long our lives will be on this earth. This concept is brought to light even more in the two short stories we will be discussing, “The Story of an Hour” and “The Interlopers”. These two stories share some similarities and some differences that we will be looking at. These two stories show us a very important concept… “The Story of an Hour” and “The Interlopers” are perfect examples of how the expected does not always happen. In “The Story of an Hour” we see Mrs. Louise Mallard receives news of the death of her husband. The …show more content…

In the first story, Mrs. Mallard is within the privacy of her home, unlike “The Interlopers” which takes place in the outdoors. “The Interlopers” had a long standing rivalry and wished ill upon each other, while in “The Story of an Hour”, Mrs. Mallard is sad to hear of her husband’s death, even if later she feels it has set her free. The death at the end of the two stories differs as well. In “The Story of an Hour” Louise dies from sadness that her newfound freedom is now taken away, in contrast to “The Interlopers” where the two men die from man eating …show more content…

In “The Interlopers” has an unexpected ending of death, comparable to “The Story of an Hour” where the end of Mrs. Mallard’s story ends unexpectedly with death as well. In “The Story of an Hour” we see some selfishness in the character of Mrs. Mallard when she is so sad about her loss of freedom that she forgets to rejoice that her husband is alive again. In the same manner, we see some selfishness on the part of the characters in “The Interlopers” when they believe that their lives will be better without the other person and how they each hope their men arrive first to free them and kill the other, before they make peace with one another. In “The Interlopers” we see peace found at last between two long standing

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