Conflicts Of Power In King Of The Bingo Game By Ralph Ellison

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The chillingly strange fiction, “King of the Bingo Game” by Ralph Ellison explores how the unnamed protagonist has difficulties determining the differences between reality and his unreal fate. The unnamed protagonist circulates the madness and obsession for power throughout his veins that he is receiving from the spinning bingo wheel. In the beginning of the story, Ellison condemns the way the unnamed protagonist struggles to find hope from his own society, where he cannot even have an identity of his own, and deals with developing racial conflicts. In the middle of the story “King of the Bingo Game”, Ellison depicts a powerless protagonist allowing a reflection on conflicts between the Black and White. Using Ellison’s writing fluency, the story deepens the empathy toward the outcasted individuals and easily projects the messages that Blacks in Harlem can only have the power when they are close to death. One of the key factors that Ellison defines in the “King of the Bingo Game” is differences between the Black society of the north and south; Ellison develops a society where a person holds the feeling of not fitting in. In the short story, the unnamed protagonist defines the lives of the southern Blacks in the northern United States. In fact, the unnamed protagonist contrasts where he used to stay in North Carolina with Harlem: “Folks down South stuck together that way; they didn’t even have to know you. But up here it was different. Ask somebody for something, and

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