Conflicts: Relationship Between Settlers And Native Americans

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Ever since Christopher Columbus discovered the Western hemisphere, more and more explorations were set out to discover more about this new land. Eventually, settlements were created and people took this as an opportunity to create a new life; however, there had already been people living in these lands, known as Native Americans. The relationship between the settlers and these people was not always peaceful. Conflicts were created over territories and power that sometimes lead out to blood shed wars, but it did not always have to lead to that. In the mid 1600s, an explorer, Adam, and a Native American, Chayton, will soon learn that.
Seagulls were calling up in the sky, telling the exhausted voyagers they were near land. It has been over 163 …show more content…

Many had made arrangements for new cabins to be waiting for them, others would stay with family members or friends; as for Adam, he headed towards a lodge to spend the night. The next morning, Adam was fully prepared to begin in his journey in making his fame. His plan was to go up north and see what treasures he could find. Four hours into his journey, and Adam had already began to experience a whole new world. He wrote every single detail down in his journal like the diverse species of birds and small beasts, as well as the exotic plants he encountered. As he continued to walk, he heard the song the birds chirped in trees along with the crunching of dried leaves and branches made with every step taken and fragrance of pine cones filled his nose. He was amazed by the beauty of the forest, but what he did not know was he was not …show more content…

Because it was getting late the tribe leader, insisted that Adam stay for the night and leave for the morning; Adam agreed. As Adam tried to go to sleep that night, the smell of smoke hit his nose. He peaked outside of his tent and saw one of the tents on fire; it was the enemy tribe. The others began to notice and the men grabbed their weapons to fight, while the woman and children tried to put out the fire and go to a safe place. Adam helped in putting out the fire and while doing so, he noticed Chayton surrounded in the fire while he was helping the children escape. Adam grabs one of the buckets of water and manages to hold off the fire for him and the children to escape.
Chayton’s tribe scares off the enemies, winning this battle. In the morning, many of the tribe members gather around to see Adam leave because they have recognized his heroics from the night before. Chayton thanks Adam for helping and apologizes for the way he treated him; Adam accepts and leave in good terms. As Adam leaves, Chayton thinks about his discussion with the tribe leader from when they found about when the Marie was about to

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