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Confucianism is an East Asian philosophy built up by a Chinese philosopher, Confucius (K'ung Fu-tzu), in the 6th - 5th century BCE. It’s a philosophy based on human morals and relationships.

To really understand Confucianism, how it originated and what parts of history contributed towards its development, you have to look into: who is Confucius, the history of Confucianism and what happened to Confucianism after the death of Confucius?

Who is Confucius?
Confucius was of noble descent in the state of Lu (modern Shantung). No records show him attending school even though Confucius was a well educated man. He had to make his own living at an early age. He started a political career at a young age, rising in the ranks, but …show more content…

There was something seriously wrong with the justice and equality in this dynasty, that the philosophy of Confucius could help.
The development of Confucianism came to an 'all of a sudden' stop during the Chin dynasty (221BCE-206BCE) where the First Emperor didn’t approve of the Confucian ideas, therefore declared that anyone who differed with the state in their ideas, were killed, and all of Confucius' teachings and books were to be burnt.
After the death of the Emperor, the Chin dynasty was overthrown by the Han dynasty, where Confucianism was not only re-introduced, but became the dominant school of thought among imperial officials. But not long after this happening, the new leaders were convinced that having a foot in Confucian philosophy, is leading you the right way in life.

What happened after the death of Confucius?
Confucius believed that he didn’t achieve anything in life and that he was a failure, but if this was so, the legend and teachings of Confucius, and Confucianism would of died, but it didn’t, instead it lived on through the analects, through Mencius and through Neo-Confucianism. (a new system of Confucian thought)

The Analects
Confucius spent his last few years writing numbers of books that reflect his teachings. The Analects happened to be a major source book for Confucians, but the Analects wasn't written by Confucius, it was put together by his disciples after

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