Confucius And Buddhism Comparison Research Paper

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Religion is unique in several different ways, but each religion has the same core values and guidelines that intertwine with one another. However, I do agree Confucius and Buddha are indeed incredibly comparable. Confucius and Buddha encouraged, believed, and aspired deeply to share their teachings. Although, Confucius struggled more than Buddha to spread his teachings, Confucius’ main goal of humanity still thrives in China’s civilization. On the other hand, Buddha’s message of trying to end suffering and preserve humanity was spread quickly and used effectively.
Moreover, Buddha and Confucius came from entirely unique backgrounds, their message still had a connection and held similar values. According to The life of The Buddha, “Buddha was a symbol of peace, symbol of compassion {and} symbol of nonviolence.” Buddha cared immensely about preserving life, he up and left his wife and child to travel to find wisdom. Also, the life of the Buddha claims, “Most western are not drawn to Buddhism as a way for leaving society behind, {they are} drawn to the practice of mediation, they way to be more effective in society” (Balawegaya, …show more content…

However, their teachings were original, admirable, and remarkable throughout their countries and still remain powerful today. In addition, The Biography of Confucius states that “2500 years after his death, Confucius influences more people than he had ever dreamed possible, and today is booming Asia his teachings have brought paralleled prosperity millions who believe as he did in hard work, education from the capacity of every human being to succeed” (Biography Confucius, 2015). Buddha tried to endeavor for individuals to reach internal peace and happiness. Essentially, Confucius and Buddha have an impressive impact on society that their journey’s, uplifting message, and themselves have remained one of the most used and influential religions as of

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