Congo’s Era of Damnation

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In the year 1885, King Leopold II of Belgium imperialized the Independent State of the Congo. Leopold set the area up under his own personal rule. His rule was an extremely negative and very unwanted thing that plunged the area into an era of damnation. The early history of the congo really starts in 150 AD. The indigenous immigrants to the Congo, who were most likely Pygmies, had migrated from the northern area to the savannah regions in the south now called DROC, or Democratic Republic of the Congo (Clarke, John H). These immigrants brought agriculture, and made iron tools. Moving ahead to 1482, the Portuguese navigator, Diogo Cão visited the Congo River marking the first ever known European contact with the region. Henry Stanley, a British explorer is commanded to proclaim King Leopold’s rule over the Congo in 1879. This is followed by European powers at the Berlin Conference who recognised Leopold’s claim to the Congo basin and he announces the establishment of the Congo Free State headed by himself (Democratic Republic of…), thus beginning Leopold’s era of tyranny. Leopold’s purpose of controlling the Congo was for the vast amount of resources such as ivory, rubber, and copper. In 1887, J.B. Dunlop’s invention of inflatable, rubber, bicycle tires and the rapid increase in the popularity of the automobile, caused the demand for rubber to increase dramatically. Now sensing an opportunity, Leopold issued three decrees in 1881 and 1882 collectively saying that

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