Congress Of Vienna Essay

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The Age of Ideology began at the Congress of Vienna in 1814. This was an effort to restore Europe to the state it had been in, pre-Napoleon. The ideology that includes the appreciation of traditional values is called conservatism, and this is what dominated the Congress of Vienna. Conservative people try to convert the country back to the good old days, when they had all the money. Conservatism was not the only ideology to appear during this time. Nationalism, Liberalism, and Socialism will appear soon after the Congress of Vienna. These three are alike in the way that their main goal is to create a unified Europe.
Liberalism is an ideology based off of the works of Adam Smith and Thomas Hobbs. Liberalists believed in natural rights, for life, …show more content…

They believe that each cultural group should have political autonomy, and favor the democratic ideals that the liberals share with them. They also believe in laissez-faire economics, or the idea that the government should not be involved in economic interactions. They think that religion should be an expression of common culture, and they have pride in the heritage of that common culture. A great example of nationalism is the Austrian Empire. In the early nineteenth century, Austria had eleven different nationalities inside its borders. These nationalities sought out to achieve independence, or join a neighboring state in which their nationality was located in.
Ideologies were created with the intention of creating a more unified Europe. Nationalists and Socialists wanted to create culture pockets that were strong and independent, and had a good sense of community. Nationalists and Liberals wanted to create strong constitutional monarchies that didn’t interfere with their free-market economy. Liberals and Socialists wanted equality of the people, whether it was for the wealthy or for absolutely everyone. Every ideology wanted to bring Europe together, together as a nation, or together as a

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