Connotation In The Lottery

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There are many lively traditions attributed to the culture of the United States. An example of a tradition is the holiday of the 4th of July, celebrating the independence of the United States. Another is the holiday of Thanksgiving, where thanks is given to the Natives that provided the Pilgrims with food. Then, there are lotteries, where people have a shot at winning thousands and millions of dollars. Lotteries always bring a sense of happiness and eagerness to attendees and winners. Plenty of people across the United States attend since a lot of money can be acquired from winning. This gives winning the lottery a positive connotation. Although the lottery tradition of America is positive, others are not so positive. In Shirley Jackson’s short story, “The Lottery,” the tradition costs people their lives. Therefore giving winning the lottery a negative connotation. Through depictions of the nervousness of the adults and children as well as her descriptions of the objects associated with the lottery, Shirley Jackson, in her short story, suggests the horror of violence that concludes the story.
Through depictions of the nervousness of the adults and children, Jackson suggests and gives hints about the horror of violence that ends the story. In the beginning of her short story, she describes the arrival of summer, but the children did not feel as relieved as the should be. Jackson states that “the feeling of liberty sat uneasily on them.” The children found it hard to properly

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