Cons And Cons Of Social Media

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Pros and cons of social media – Cheat Sheet At this point we all know that social media is a major asset to marketers, but what exactly are the pros and cons of each? In this post I talk about just that, for the big 6 social media platforms! Instagram Instagram has 400+ million active monthly users which is 20% of internet users and the vast majority (90%) of these are under 35. IT’s a mobile app that lets users share photos and short videos. Pros: Easy and intuitive UI, minimal text on posts and no links to outside content. It also has very high user engagement on average, when compared to Facebook and Twitter. Cons: Less personal engagement that other networks, and as mentioned in a previous post – They have a dire lack of social sharing available for content, making it difficult for your content to be spread. Twitter Twitter has an average of 307 million monthly users and is a microblogging site that allows users to write posts up to 140 characters and include videos, images, and links. Twitter is rather unique as it allows you to easily connect with celebrities and influencers. Pros: Instant news source and live feed which is constantly updating, as well as allowing easy access to public icons. Cons: If you are following a large amount of users then the amount of content which is constantly being thrown at you can be hard to sift through for actually valuable content. Facebook The oldest social network on this list – but by no means the worst. Facebook has many years of

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