Cons Of Communism Research Paper

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“Capital as such is not evil, it is it's wrong us that is evil. Capital in some form or other will always be needed”(Winston Churchill). There are three main economic systems of governance. Communism is under the control under one major party that is the only producer, no private property and the goods are available and equal to all. One of the major cons of communism is that it takes away the voice of the people which goes against equality which is very important. Socialism has a government that produces and distributes goods based on their work unequally. There is not a major party but is democratic. It is the median of capitalism and communism. One of the major cons of socialism is that it can result in a lack of motivation. In capitalism, …show more content…

“It doesn’t matter if you didn’t start a good life as you have an equal chance of making it big.” Promoting equality gives everyone a chance to do better. The knowledge that you get from this quote is the harder you work, the greater the reward, This lesson can be used not just for the economic system but everything else in life. The pros of capitalism both promoting equality and competition go both ways. Promoting equality makes people work harder which make people compete and when people compete, they work harder which promotes equality for others to see how well they have worked. One of Old Major's original rules were rules were for all animals are equal. If they were to follow this rule, the plan would have worked out the right …show more content…

“When firms have such power,they change prices that are higher than can be justified based upon the costs of production.” Monopolies are not a problem because there is still money being acquired and there is still competition. To produce high-end products, it is easier to have one large firm rather than several smaller ones. In other cases monopolies are essential for utilities like water and electricity. It makes the most sense for a monopoly to control this because of the upfront expensive cost. If they are not essential, the other companies would need to work harder to take down the monopoly. More competition from the humans in animal farm rather than support might have animal farm more success.
Competition and promotive equality are the main essentials for capitalism to be the most effective. Competition makes businesses work harder to top each other. Companies can even think they have a chance of taking down a monopoly. This system of government would have made animal farm more of a success where all the animals were equal but the competition between animals and human would be strong the the point where everyone was making

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