Cons Of Legalizing Marijuana

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There has been growing debate on whether or not to legalize marijuana. As we all know there are many opinions on this topic and many pros just as well as cons. I believe that marijuana should be legalized in the states for medical use and medical use only. Marijuana has many beneficial side effects and can be used for good but also can be used for the reasons as well. As you read this essay I will explain to you the reasons on why marijuana should be legalized, but I will also explain some reasons why it should not be legalized. Marijuana otherwise known as “weed” is an all-natural plant called the “hemp plant”. This plant is intended for use as psychoactive drug or medicine. When used as a medicine it can cure, prevent, or even help …show more content…

They use the hemp and dry it out and braid it together to make baskets, bags, shoes, and much more. It also can be used in making paper which in return would be cheaper! They could grow the product and at the end of the season they could recycle it into making paper. It is also used in some lotions for soothing and healing pains and aches. It has so many amazing uses that can help us and even the economy! I can agree with something like that. I don’t see why using it in a positive way is something anyone can disagree …show more content…

That’s why I do disagree with recreational use. I do understand one of the reasons that people do NOT want this drug legalized. The main one being that people can easily “abuse” this drug when in reality they don’t need it for anything besides to get high. Marijuana can be used for wrong reasons, but it has NEVER killed anyone while being abused. Also, marijuana could resort in becoming a gateway drug when used far too often and begin wanting a better high as proven in many cases. If marijuana is used to frequently the user starts to feel bored and craves something more for a better high, so they try meth, salts, cocaine, mushrooms and the list goes on and on. It does lead to more harmful drugs which does in the end either destroy their life or even more harsh take their life. It’s very unfortunate when some takes more than advantage of such a helpful

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