The Legalization Of Marijuana

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Should marijuana be legalized? I am going to argue that marijuana should in fact be legalized. The beneficial reasons for legalizing marijuana are endless. Marijuana should be legalized because it is an entitled right, prohibition has been proven to be ineffective, gang violence would be reduced, the economy, as well as law enforcement, would benefit, and also because it has been proven to benefit health.
Cannabis should be legalized because prohibition has been proven to be ineffective. The black market has been used widely by drug dealers all over America. Making something illegal does not solve the problem. Marijuana, as well as harder drugs, are illegal yet they can still be found in the right places. Legalization of marijuana gives people the personal freedom they should already have. “Although the production, use and sale of cannabis have been prohibited, the amount of users has shown no decrease, the amount of support for legalization has shown no decrease (in fact the opposite is true), and the amount of damning evidence against marijuana has shown no increase” (10 Pros of Legalizing Weed). Whether or not something is illegal doesn’t determine whether or not people will use it. Marijuana is illegal in most places, yet it is still being used and sold widely throughout the black market. Federal law regulates the criminal penalties that may be imposed for a conviction of a violation of marijuana prohibition. Penalties for marijuana

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