Consequences Of Illegal Drugs To Enhance Performance

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An illegal drug used to enhance performance is significantly a problem in modern sports, and is currently banned in competitions. Athletes tend to cheat by using illegal drugs to improve their chances of success, by doing so they take big risks. Professional athletes who use drugs to enhance performance, who are guilty are usually banned from competition for extended periods of time. There are consequences for athletes who use performance-enhancing substances there are physiological consequences, psychological, social and emotional consequences and economic consequences. Overall the athlete loses their reputation, income, social status, pride and personal accomplishments when sponsorships are cancelled dismantling their career. Some athletes take drugs to make their muscles bigger, recover quickly from physical activity, increase blood volume and oxygen-carrying capacity, reduce soreness and speeding or slowing down the central nervous system. There are several physical harms that can affect the body in a crucial way that come from the use of drugs. There harms can be due to a higher intake of dosages that can cause harmful effects. Physiological consequences of illegal drugs to …show more content…

Economically the athlete can suffer a loss of sponsorship income, banned from competition, loss of pride and loss of personal accomplishment. Sponsorships are major as financially millions of dollars are invested within sports by governments and sponsors, resulting in the competitors/athletes loss of income. The loss of sponsorships cannot only affect the reputation of the athlete but can affect the sport itself. The athletes reputation can affect the athlete mentally as it makes them feel worth-less, ashamed and a decrease in their self-esteem. These consequences are entitled by the actions taken place from the individual who chose to an unfair advantage over

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